Horses and Sunshine

- Sunglasses: Steve Madden - Leather Cuff: American Eagle
(Plus-size tee found here(Similar tee found here) (Jeans found here)
- Top, Jeans & Bag: Old Navy - Earrings & Flip Flops: Kohl's
This week I'm thankful for:
- Going out to lunch with family on a weekday.
- Afternoon walks with a curious little explorer.
- New clothes for Sean and I from Old Navy.
- Finding great deals for those clothes!
- Nice weather for having the doors open to the balcony.
- Cozy Star Wars movie nights while Sean sleeps.
- Going to the apartment gym as a family and Sean behaving himself.
- Ladies' night and delicious food made by Mom.
- Fun shows to watch on TV, like Modern Family!
- Expecting cool stuff in the mail!


  1. Love the horse top from Old Navy! What a great find!!

  2. Modern family makes me happy to, I swear its getting funnier! Maybe its because I am starting to relate moer to the parenting humor :)