Secret Garden

- Top & Belt: Gap - Skirt: Old Navy - Shoes: Shoe Carnival - Bag: Nine West via Ross
- Necklace: The Word Jewelry (giveaway prize) - Bracelet: Victoria's Secret
So rainy Sunday mornings are the best right? I've always thought so, until this rainy Sunday morning. The storm that blew in around 9 in the morning caused me to wake up with a killer migraine at 7 am. The pressure change really did me in. I'm talking a sobbing into my pillow, waking up Ryan and asking for a head massage type migraine. Thankfully after an hour, and with the massage, Advil and prayer, I was able to fall back asleep. By 9:30 the rain on our window woke me up and I was back to normal! We got everyone ready and drove to church through the rain. By the time church ended the clouds had retreated and the sun was back out at full force. We snapped these pictures of my outfit in a sweet little spot on the side of our apartments where the bougainvilleas grow. It's not a secret garden, but I can pretend. The top and belt are from my recent Gap shopping trip (I have to knot the belt on since it's a few sizes too big!), and the corduroy skirt and pointy heels are from at least three or four years ago! I like mixing old with new and I'm attempting to get more use out of items in my closet I haven't worn in a while!


  1. It does NOT look like it was raining in you picture haha! You look amazing Val love love love the skirt!


  2. Nice outfit!


  3. i need to start putting everything in my closet to use! i really like your outfit here - especially the top & belt.

    so sorry to hear about your migraine :( but i'd be lying if i didn't say i was jealous of the rain - we are still in a drought here & i'm ready for a good rain storm!

    <3 have a lovely day.

  4. Thanks everyone! The ground dried up super quickly, but it was actually pouring for over an hour! The migraine was a small price to pay for the rain though, we needed it down here!

  5. you look beautiful! very cute and chic outfit :)


  6. What a beautiful backdrop for your outfit! You look really great!

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City

  7. You look beautiful! I love the top with the belt!

    Happy Tuesday,

  8. oh i'm sorry to hear your day started out with a very painful migraine but grateful it was gone and you were still able to attend church with your family. great outfit too!

  9. Gorgeous pictures! I love your outfit!You have a wonderful blog and I am your newest follower.