Horsing Around - Friday's Fancies

Horsing Around

For Friday's Fancies this week I decided to make a polyvore set based on what I wore yesterday! (I only found the horse tee online in plus size, but you get the idea.) I would have loved to pair my top and jeans with a cute pair of flat boots but it was too hot of a day for that. In an ideal scenario I could have worn boots and maybe this diamond and leather cuff bracelet, despite it costing 30 thousand dollars. *Faints* (It is really, really gorgeous though!!) Ok, now that I've gotten that out of the way I can move on to mentioning the little tassel on the cross body bag! Isn't it cute? Oh and those gold earrings are a much more expensive version of the little brass-tone feather ones I wore. Pricey, and certainly pretty, but I definitely didn't need them to enjoy chasing my son around in the grass!! 
Happy Friday everyone and God bless!!

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  1. Great outfit! Love those boots! I just bought a cute pair of slouchy ones that I have been wearing almost daily. Your son is too cute.
    Im having a fun giveaway going on over at my blog..love it if you stopped by!

  2. love your outfit val! that horse tee goes perfectly with the boot so cow girl chic! have a great weekend.

  3. I love the idea of a Friday's Fancies post with a real life outfit! It's cute too ^_^

    Have a fabulous weekend,

  4. yay! this outfit looks just as good on you as it does in your polyvore set ;) and hey, a girl can dream--a $30k bracelet exists in my dreams...and in some of my previous Friday's Fancies haha. Hope you had a great weekend, my love! "See" you next Friday! xoxo {av}