Week 59

It's not really week 59 of my weight loss journey, but honestly I don't even know what week I'm at anymore! From now on I will title these type of posts: Health and Fitness: ____________. The one for today really should be called Healthy and Fitness: (Or Lack Thereof), because....

New Weight:

I gained 3 pounds in the several weeks (just checked, it's been over a month actually) since my last update. Oops! I've been exercising, but I've been making the wrong food choices and eating too much sugar. I maintained for a while and then three pounds crept on when I wasn't looking! For some weird reason as soon as my hubby started eating right, I stopped! Meals are still healthy, but I need to get my snacking in check. So as of now, I'm back on track! I'll be back to 137 and closer to my goal of 135 soon I hope! 

I'm so proud of Ryan for being so diligent with working out and eating right. He is looking better, but only lost half a pound this week. I told him he must be gaining muscle and he is committed to sticking with this for the long haul! We're just praying his pulled muscle in his leg will heal quickly so he can get back to running. In the meantime he is using the machines at the gym that don't put pressure on his leg. 

Remember way back when I was summarizing the ten rules from Bethenny Frankel's book? Yeah I never finished...so here are the next two rules!

"Know thyself." 
"Get real."

In order to be naturally thin you have to know yourself. No one else knows you as well as you do! Get to know your triggers, figure out your own rules, avoid foods you know you'll eat too much of, etc. For example, eat between meals if you know that it will help you eat less at dinner, but don't if you know you have trouble with snacking! Bethenny also provides good info on being prepared for all sorts of eating challenges in this chapter.

Get real is simple and doesn't need much explaining. Eat real food! Cut out processed junk! A banana will always be better for you than a packaged banana muffin, and fresh veggies will always be better than canned ones. Go for the most natural state of food. Whenever possible Bethenny also recommends buying organic and buying local to avoid chemicals and pesticides. It's also good to "eat the rainbow." Real foods (not cheetoes!!) that are brightly colored are the best for you because they have the highest nutritional value. There are a ton of good points in this chapter, I suggest you read it!

I'll attempt to follow these rules this week and see if I can get these three unwanted pounds off!  

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