Thank God for Weekends

- Sunglasses: Steve Madden - Necklace: The Word Jewelry (giveaway prize) - Earrings: Gift
- Top: Target - Jeans: Kohl's - Wedges: Kohl's - Purse: Nine West via Ross
Thank you all for your wishes for me to have a restful weekend! I have been having a great weekend so far!! My mom came to the rescue on Saturday and babysat Sean for 3 hours in the afternoon so Ryan and I could go on a date! We had delicious pasta at Tony Roma's and walked around the mall for a bit. (I got a pair of skinny jeans for 20 bucks but I'm not sure if I'll keep them yet.)  Getting away for a little bit was just what we needed, it was very relaxing! After we picked up Sean we ran by the grocery store and stocked up on fruits, veggies and other healthy stuff. Ryan is 100% committed to losing weight and getting fit and he's working out hard every day and eating perfectly also. (Date night meal was our cheat meal of the week!) I am so very proud of him, he lost 5 pounds this week! He's an inspiration! He is working towards becoming a firefighter and training for the physical tests he'll have to pass in a few months. Prayers are welcome for his training to continue going well! Oh before I forget, I just love my new necklace! I won a giveaway from my friend Kimberly (a little bit of this) for this sweet customized initial necklace from The Word Jewelry. The owner, Stacey, is super sweet and even sends you a picture of the item you purchased once it's been made! I really appreciated that! Make sure to check out her awesome shop! I also LOVED that she sends out a Bible verse with her jewelry, what a great witness! A big thank you to both Kimberly and Stacy again! Thanks ladies!


  1. You guys are such a beautiful family. I'm so happy you love your necklace! I shared this post with Stacey. :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Praying for your husband's training.