Huntress Val

After I created a huntress costume for last week's Friday's Fancies my mom suggested I share the photos I have of me using a compound bow. These were taken two years ago when we went to my uncle's ranch for Thanksgiving.
Here I am getting ready to shoot at the deer target. The pictures were taken by my mom, my bro-in-law and my hubby. The event was well documented by three cameras!
This was taken seconds after releasing the arrow, if you look closely you can see dust particles in the air displaced by the movement of the strings. So cool. Not so cool is how I apparently shoot with one eye closed.
Behold my elation at hitting the target! That little orange blur is the arrow, an inch lower and I would have missed. Oh well, practice makes perfect!
Couldn't resist adding these shots of me with some beautiful horses. I love horses SO MUCH! Even after falling off a galloping one another time I was at the ranch, I still want to ride any chance I get. (Sadly it's been two years since I've been out there!) Oh yeah, here are some of my scrapes from that fall. What was worse was the back injury I got, ouch! Anyway, hope everyone stays safe today! 
Just found this picture of a picture from one of the first times I shot a bow and arrow back in 2007! Oh and check it out, I've always liked stripes and I think my eyes are closed AGAIN! 

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