What I Wore on a Busy Sunday and Coffee Weirdness

Why do I always feel the need to hold onto whatever I'm posing by? Whether a tree, a fence, a wall...you can count on me reaching out to cling to it. Perhaps I have bad balance and need the extra support.
- Tanks: Gap and Express - Sweater Ann Taylor for Loft (gift) - Belt: from another skirt or top I think
- Jeans: Old Navy - Flats: Ross - Earrings: Kohl's - Sunglasses: Steve Madden
- Ring: ShopSosie (Moonlight ring without the stone, it fell off)
Mornings and evenings have been cold and the afternoons have been hot, so I needed an outfit with layers. Remember this shirt from here? I tried it out with a belt over it instead of tucked in and I liked it!
As the title says, I wore this on Sunday for a day that involved going to church, browsing at Michael's, Kohl's and Target, getting groceries, going on a walk, and cooking up a tasty dinner. I'm aware that might not be busy to a lot of people, but lately I've been home all day long, so any day where I'm gone for several hours and go several places is an adventure for me! Oh and to avoid sounding like a spendthrift, let me clarify that I only spent 6 dollars at Michael's, 4 dollars at Kohl's (shorts for Sean for a dollar and a 3 dollar toasted hazelnut scented candle) and 0 dollars at Target! Groceries are an entirely different story however. Why does everything have to be so expensive? By the way, if I'm writing too much today or rambling a bit I blame the coffee I drank earlier! I never drink it because I'm really sensitive to caffeine and coffee gives me a stomach ache, but I did today and I'm feeling wired! Even after diluting it with a TON of milk. I'm weird. Wired and weird.
(Love my little picture crasher and his pet rock!)


  1. I love strapless bras because they are convenient. BUT they never make the lady lumps look that great. They should work on that!

  2. $0 dollars at Target? I admire your fortitude. I'm terrible there - especially if I spy one of their clearance end aisles. :)


  3. Cute top, I'm having a H&M giveaway come by!!! :)

    xo Emma

  4. Great outfit Val! And I think I have the same issue of having to hold on to something when posing for a picture...very interesting! Haha