Burgers and Baseball

- Tank: Gap - Black Tank: Express - Belt: I can't remember, I haven't worn it in ages!
- Shorts: Macy's (really old) - Sandals: Express - Earrings: Mexico - Bracelets: Kristin Hassan
Cheat day was quite fun! Ryan grilled some burgers on the balcony and our friend James cooked up some beans with onion, garlic and bacon. I helped a bit but for the most part I got to relax, which was nice considering I had been cleaning all day prior to the cookout. We also had chips, apple sodas and sherbet for dessert...taking full advantage of it being cheat day for sure! My sis-in-law got to play with Sean while dinner was being prepared (she gets anxious to see him if too much time has passed) and he was being his little charming self for her. A little later he crawled into my arms and fell asleep and I loved it because lately he'll only fall asleep in his crib. I treasure moments like that now that he's getting so big. We watched most of the Rangers vs. Cardinals game and then Employee of the Month on Comedy Central and had a grand old time. Well except for the baseball watching, that was boring to the majority of us, but Steph SOMEONE made us watch it.
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  1. I love Express! I hate that the closest one is an hour away. It seriously makes my life so difficult! I'm glad the BBQ was a success!

  2. Love this.. Cute outfit.. I like the top a lot.. I am officially following ya with smiles.. : )) Found ya blog hopping around looking for new blogs.. : ))
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  3. Those beans sound amazing! Glad you got to relax!