Paint it Pink

Today is Project Pink day over at The ArtsyGirl Connection in honor of breast cancer awareness. As you know, I already linked up last week with Long Distance Loving's Think Pink by creating an outfit using pink, so this week I was just going to use Pinterest to find some lovely images for my Project Pink post. Then I thought, why don't I use my own photography instead? So I dug through my picture folders on my computer and found several pictures I could edit with Photoshop to get the desired color scheme (I ended up with pink, purple and peach!). I took these nature pictures over the last several years in all kinds of places from Colorado to my Mom's back yard. I hope you enjoy them and I'm dedicating them to my grandma who was a breast cancer survivor!


  1. What wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing them

  2. These are really beautiful!

    (Stopping by from the ArtsyGirl's Linky.)

  3. These are BEAUTIFUL shots!!! Wow, I love them.. Great captures...THANK YOU SO MUCH for joining in Project Pink Today. It means SO much to me and I am very grateful you joined in with all the wonderful women today to make this day such an amazing and beautiful awareness day.. TY TY SO MUCH!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.. ~Marilyn

  4. Just came across your blog and love it - the Texan title caught my eye!! =)