Slide 10, Val 0

(Top from Old Navy, wedges and Michael Kors jeans via Ross, Nordic Treasure necklace from JewelMint) 
We had a lunch date on Sunday after church and some sushi, cucumber salad, and red bean sesame balls hit the spot. (Ok fine, there was fried rice, broccoli beef and ice cream consumed as well... buffets are dangerous that way!) I think I worked off all that deliciousness later though. We were at the playground with Sean and an attempt to run up a VERY steep slide turned into an epic battle between myself and the slide. I think I tried about 100 times. We're talking a running start, getting three fourths of the way up, hanging on for dear life while trying to pull myself up the last little bit, and then tumbling back down banging elbows and knees on the way. Yes, I have the bruises to prove it! Thankfully the playground was empty by then, and no one but Ryan, Sean and our friend James viewed my failure. But anyway, back to the date. I wore my new white jeans again and paired them with some chambray and a statement necklace. Date Night is the theme for Friday's Fancies this week so once Friday actually gets here make sure to click over to Alison's Long Distance Loving to see all the lovely looks over there!


  1. The things that we do on the playground...

    Cute outfit though, love the white pants!

  2. I want to replicate your outfit...like now. So cute! And sorry about your slide failure (sounds painful!) Happy weekend!

  3. LOOOVE how you paired those pants with that top! What a cute, amazing outfit. Love your style, girl!