BBQ Attire - Real Life

- Shirt: Forever 21  - Shorts: Kohl's  - Sandals: Express
- Purse: Nine West via Ross - Watch: Fossil
- Bracelets: Abercrombie & Fitch and homemade
- Earrings: Target - Ring: some shop in the Mall of America
- Nail Polish: Turquoise & Caicos by Essie
Well I don't have a fedora, or red sandals, or that cute Fossil purse from my last post (last pic on this post too), but I put together a similar outfit using what I already own. (I didn't go to a BBQ either!) This shirt is actually the only item I've ever bought at Forever 21. I see so many bloggers wear cute stuff from there though, so I'll go back eventually for my second purchase! Oh and these shorts didn't fit me a few weeks ago, and I dug them out again today and this time they fit! Yay! I love progress!

I wore this out for date night with my hubby tonight. My mom was so sweet to watch Sean for a few hours while Ryan and I grabbed dinner and got some groceries. We're so glamorous right? Honestly though, it doesn't matter what we're doing, it's just fun to spend time alone together and act like our younger dating selves again.


  1. Yes! I would actually wear that to a BBQ. Plus, I am in love with all things mint colored, and that nail polish is a keeper :)

  2. Hi Kelly! Welcome to my blog!
    I actually did eat a little BBQ pork at the restaurant we went too, so maybe it counted after all! Yeah, mint rocks, oh and I'm following you now!