Shorts, Sandals and a Button Down Shirt - My Go-To Look

- Top & Earrings: Gift - Shorts: Ross - Sandals: Express - Bracelets: Self made
I apologize for the poor quality of pictures. We went to my sister's house to watch a movie (Lincoln Lawyer - so good!) pretty late in the evening on Friday, and by the time we left it was after midnight and these were the only pictures I was able to get. I kind of liked my outfit though, so I wanted to share these anyway. Since we got invited over at the last minute I needed to throw something on fast and this is what I came up with. I liked the look of a button down shirt tied over shorts paired with my favorite sandals, so I just may repeat this! 


  1. This is a great outfit and the yellow flat sandals add a real nice touch to it! Glad you got to enjoy some time with family this weekend and you should definitely repeat this outfit! Once I get to painting my rhinestone bracelet, I'll post a picture of how it looks! Hopefully it'll look as great as yours!

  2. That's a great outfit! The button down shirt/shorts combo is so easy to do yet looks so pulled together. Love the yellow sandals with it. You look great!!

    I just discovered your blog! Where in Texas are you? I grew up in San Antonio!

    Stephanie (Big Mario Life)

  3. Eeep! you are too cute. I love these photos, your outfit, and especially those AWESOME sandals!!!!! Hope you had a happy weekend! xo

  4. I am so obsessed with sandals. I have a ton of them! Cute outfit.

    I just came across your blog today! Very LOVELY. :D