Week Ten

New Weight:

That's a total of 15 pounds for me since I got back to being serious about losing the remainder of the baby weight, and 10 pounds since starting Insanity. Ryan lost 5 pounds this week for a total of 20 pounds lost! Yay! 

On to Bethenny Frankel's second rule in her book Naturally Thin:

"You can have it all, just not all at once."

This is probably the rule that helped me the most as I've been losing this weight. Here's a little history. Growing up I was always slender and could pretty much eat as much as I wanted. I always had (and still have) a major sweet tooth. I would sit down with a bag of candy and finish it in one sitting as I watched TV or  read a book. Back then I could get away with it, now I can't. Before I got pregnant, I had actually just read Bethenny's book and lost 15 pounds by following her rules. Then I got pregnant and went back to eating whatever I wanted and gained almost 50 pounds! The first 35 pounds came off really fast, and then I just got stuck. I really didn't want to stay at that weight so I started this blog, went back to Bethenny's rules, and then started Insanity.

Realizing you can have it all, just not at once means you can have your dessert with dinner, but make your main meal healthy. Don't choose pizza, soda, AND ice cream. Or if you really want the pizza and don't care for dessert, eat the pizza but only have one slice and fill up on salad on the side. This rule especially helps when you find yourself at a party with a buffet of tempting foods. Don't give in to temptation and eat everything in sight. Be choosy. Pick a few things that look amazing to you and then fill the rest of your plate with healthy veggies. Don't panic, you'll have another opportunity to eat well, you don't need it all at once! Applying this to my own life means that a bag of candy that I would have normally finished in a matter of minutes now lasts me a week! Yes I still have days where I give in and eat that whole bag of skittles, but that's the exception now, not the norm. 

For this week I will remember:
You are in control of what you eat.
You don't have to deprive yourself,
but you don't have to eat it all at once!

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  1. Wonderful advice! Knowing you can still have things that taste good (just not all at once), is such a relief in the dieting world. That Bethany is "amazeballs"

  2. I just found your blog and I love it! I read all of your Weight Loss Journey entries and I just put Bethenny's book on hold at the library. I read "A Place of Yes" and really enjoyed it so I'm sure "Naturally Thin" will help me drop some weight too! Way to go on your progress- you rock! :)