Week Eleven and Twelve

- Pork with mango and light whipped cream cheese sauce - Santa Fe style brown rice - Sauteed asparagus

New weight:


I didn't get around to doing last week's weigh-in post because I just got busy with stuff over the weekend and didn't make time to sit down and blog on Saturday. I've been kind of stuck at 140! Back when I was 150 it seemed so hard to get into the 140's and now it feels really hard to get into the 130's. I briefly saw 139 a few weeks back but was 140 again by my official weigh-in day. It's kind of frustrating and I wish I could say that my body is trying to tell me I'm fine at 140, but I know I should still lose more fat from my stomach. For me it's definitely the hardest spot to lose it from after having a baby!

It's been exactly three months since I started this blog.
155 --> 140
Body Fat: 
22.3 --> 18.3
Muscle Mass:
39.6 --> 42.1
22.1 --> 20.1

Insanity update:
I'm finishing up with the recovery week (after doing month one over again) and will start month two on Monday! Wish me luck!

Here's a brief explanation of the next two rules from Bethenny Frankel's book.

"Taste everything, eat nothing."

This does NOT mean to starve yourself, that's actually the worst thing you can do when trying to lose weight! Instead, it simply means to taste only little bits of the more decadent food choices you may make. Spoil your appetite if you're going to a big party! Have a small healthy snack right before you go and then just taste everything good you want to without really eating a lot of it. It's really only the first few bites of something that tastes amazing anyway. Once it stops tasting as good, Bethenny calls this the point of diminishing returns and recommends you stop eating. Have three bites of chocolate cake and by the fourth bite it's just more of the same and you don't really need it!

"Pay attention!"

This rule encompasses a lot of good common sense advice.

- Taste your food. Don't just scarf it down!
- Quit multitasking, you tend to overeat when your attention is divided.
- Always sit down to eat. This way you avoid eating extra calories while cooking or just poking around the pantry.
- Make food special. Put a little effort into preparing your meal. Make it worth it!

Over the last few weeks my husband worked a lot of long days and wasn't home for dinner each night. When that happens I usually just snack on stuff that's easy to grab for dinner instead of preparing a healthy balanced meal. I think the picture above is the only meal I cooked this week. Shameful I know! This coming week he has off though and I intend to cook a lot and hopefully get back to proper meals. Remembering these two rules this week will definitely help!

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