Temptations and Resolutions

- Top and Pants: Kohl's - Shoes: Express - Purse: Kathy Van Zeeland (gift)
- Earrings and Bracelet: Gift - Ring: ShopSosie (giveaway) - Watch: Fossil
On Saturday I went to the movies with my sister and brother-in-law, visited with family and then ran some errands. I didn't get a chance to take real outfit pics, but I did snap these quick ones in the dressing room at T.J.Maxx. I ran in just to see what they had and to try some dresses on for fun, but I didn't buy anything because I've given myself a shopping ban for the next month or so. We're going to the beach in September and I will need to get a few things for the trip (like a new bathing suit and swim shorts), but until then I'm not going to spend a cent on clothes for myself. Partly to save money, partly to utilize what I already have in my closet, and partly to not give in to the consumerism mindset that is so easy to get sucked into.

For example:
My sis and I went into Aldo to look at the 70% off sale section, and I tried these sandals on and fell in love with them. They were originally 70 dollars, but I figured with the discount they would be very affordable. Then the lady tells me they're not on sale, only the black version. The black ones weren't even 70% off though, they were only marked down to 50 dollars. I walked out without getting them of course, because I wouldn't spend that much for shoes. I've been thinking about them ever since though and I still want them. But we're not supposed to covet things or spend beyond our means, so I'm going to put them out of my mind!
(Edit: The day after I wrote this post Kimberly from eat.sleep.wear. posted pics wearing these sandals in black. They look so gorgeous on her! See them here.)

The other item I've really been wanting is a hand tooled leather vintage purse like the one above. I found a similar one on ebay that only had one 16 dollar bid and I was so tempted to bid on it! I had to stop and tell myself that I didn't need it and I couldn't afford it if the bids went higher, even if it started cheap! We are still trying to pay off Sean's three thousand dollar helmet, so the last thing I need is another purse or another pair of shoes. 

I'm excited about getting my financial priorities right in the coming month!
Anyone else want to do it with me?

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