Week Nine

New Weight:



I hate plateaus! Honestly though I'm surprised it wasn't a higher number after the week I've had. I went into holiday mode and kept snacking and splurging on and off throughout the week. Hubby stayed the same as well.

Now let's talk about what I should have been doing. Bethenny Frankel's first rule in her book Naturally Thin is:

"Your diet is your bank account."

Basically you need to balance your food intake like you do your savings and spending. If you have a starch for breakfast, have protein and veggies at lunch. If you know you're going to have a dessert after dinner, have your afternoon snack be fruit or veggies instead of a sugary choice. Another thing she talks about when expounding on this rule is that if you generally make smart investments in your food choices, i.e. healthy fresh stuff, then when you really want a bowl of ice cream or a slice of cake you can eat it without feeling guilty. Just make sure to balance that splurge with a healthy choice at your next meal! 

Now obviously I did a little bit of balancing my food choices this week, or I would have gained weight instead of staying the same, but this following week I am going to focus on doing it much better! 

Anyone who wants to do the same, try balancing your choices in a healthy way this week!

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  1. You're amazing! I love how you find the positive in all of your endeavors and don't quit when you reach difficult points. SO proud of you and thanks, as always, for participating!!!