Dining Out

- Top and Jeans: Kohl's - Belt: Ross - Flip Flops: Gift - Earrings: Target - Bracelets: Gift
This is what happens when I don't take time to fix my hair - a messy bun! I was just going out to run errands, but I ended up going out to dinner with my mom and she was very sweet to take these pictures for me. We got Chinese food and took advantage of the nice setting in front of the restaurant to snap some photos as the sun was setting. I'm wearing the belt from here, the top from here, and the jeans from here. (I like this top much better worn this way than with the shorts I wore it with last time!) Sean was home with his daddy so we had no distractions and were able to just relax. We had so much fun eating together, the food was delicious, and I hope to do it again soon!


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  2. You look fantastic, love the way you are wearing your hair. :)

    The Cat Hag