Birthday Outfit

-Top: Ross - Skirt: Old Navy (old) - Sandals: Target - Belt: Gap (old) 
-Earrings: Target (tiny owls!) - Watch: Fossil
I'm not really sure about this outfit. I think the denim skirt combined with the top made the whole thing a little too rustic. I really love this shirt though, and I will pair it with something better next time. It was only 5.49 at Ross! My Mom was sweet enough to take the above pictures, and my sister took the one below. Also I really need to stop wearing these shoes so much!

Mom took this picture too, and I believe Sean was about to eat dirt. Silly boy! Oh yeah, I'm 25 now!


  1. Val, have you reached your goal weight because you look fabulous - like you don't need to lose a thing!!

  2. Thank you! I actually have 7 pounds to go to get back to what I was when I first got married in 2007. (I call it the happily married weight) I already got the baby weight off though!