Giving Back: Operation Smile

My mother and sister and I have donated money to Operation Smile before, and let me tell you, it is so rewarding to be able to make such a big difference in a child's life.

Operation Smile is a children's charity devoted to giving free reconstructive surgery to children born with cleft palates or cleft lips. These deformities are not just cosmetic, but can cause the child to be unable to eat, drink, or speak. Thanks to people's donations Operation Smile can be there to heal these children's smiles.

"It takes as little as 45 minutes
It costs as little as $250
It changes a child's life forever!"

100% of your donation goes towards helping children like Fatima and Guillermo.


"This sweet baby girl was born with severe clefts in her lip 
and palate that made eating and drinking difficult.
Her parents were stricken with grief. As feeding her was
difficult, they worried she might die. Fatima was the only 
one of their four children to have such a facial deformity. 
If she lived, they knew her life would be filled with suffering 
because as poor farmers they couldn’t afford the surgery
she needed.But all that changed when Operation Smile 
sent a medical mission to Cairo, just five hours by bus 
from their village. The family made the journey, and Fatima 
received a free surgery that transformed her face - and her future.
Thank you for giving children like Fatima hope for a better life"


"One day when my mom was pregnant with me, she 
looked up into the darkening sky and realized there 
was a solar eclipse. Later when I was born with a cleft
lip and cleft palate, she and my dad said it was because 
of that eclipse. Luckily, they heard about an Operation Smile
mission coming to Managua, near where we live. They saved 
and saved, mom working as a seamstress and dad as a 
construction worker, and were able to put enough money
aside to pay for our transportation.Now, five months after I 
was born, my lip has been repaired. My family says I smile
a lot more now. I still have to have another surgery for the
roof of my mouth, but I'm halfway there. My parents told the 
nice medical volunteers: "We are very thankful because these 
medical missions help poor people. The people here could not 
afford these surgeries, with how hard life is in Nicaragua. 
We cannot repay these people for what they did for
our child and all the other children.""

So if you'd like to be involved in helping kids like these ones receive the surgeries they need, click on this link to donate money. You can give any amount you are able to!

Operation Smile Online Donation

God bless!


  1. I have heard of this organisation, and I find what they are doing so inspiring and dear.

    The Cat Hag