Frenchy Braidy

- Top: Target - Tank: Target - Jeans: Kohl's
 - Flip Flops: Academy - Watch: Fossil
So I went over to my sister's house today and she did this cute little french braid in my hair. I know how to do a french braid, but mine are very sad excuses for the real thing. I must practice to be as talented as she is! By the way, is it French braid or french braid? *ponders* Blogger is telling me it's "French," but it seems odd to capitalize a hairstyle! Oh I also have a hair question. What on earth do I do with those annoying little "baby" hairs along my hairline? I used to try to cut them off but now I've been trying to let them grow out. It looks awful to me!


  1. Love the whole outfit and your hair is adorbs! We fix my daughter's hair like that some days- I need to have her do mine like that!

  2. Thanks Peggy! You all would be so cute with matching hairstyles!