Little Things...

...to be thankful for.
Little Things from Yesterday:

Shopping with my sweet son in the cart and his perfect behavior while doing so.
Watching his face light up looking at his new toy truck.

Seeing my boys walking hand in hand.

Eating out with my family and giving Sean tastes of what we were eating.
His expressions were priceless, especially when tasting lime for the first time!

Hubby and I feeding each other bites from our plates, it felt like we were dating again!

Sharing the most delicious triple chocolate brownie. EVER.

Asking my hubby to be careful not to trip while walking into the dark apartment holding Sean.
His reply: "Of course! I'm holding precious cargo!"

Getting groceries on my own at midnight. 
Feeling like you're at a fiesta because the employees are playing ranchero music.

Setting a budget for said groceries and coming in three dollars under. Win!

Driving home on quiet streets and hitting that one light right when it turns yellow... which lets you get the light at the next turn right as it turns green! The timing is rarely that perfect!

Coming home to a neat house (courtesy of the hubby) and a sleeping baby all wrapped up in a blanket holding it tight with his adorable fingers.

I am so grateful to God for all these small blessings!

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