Friday Fun

Sean loved this playground we took him to on Friday!
At first all he wanted to do was nom nom nom on all the mesquite tree seed pods lying around. If you chew on the seed pods they actually taste sweet and aren't harmful to you at all. I remember eating them all the time when I was little! Of course Sean doesn't have teeth yet, (Weird for a 10 month old, right?) so he couldn't really gnaw on them. That didn't stop him from trying though!
His hair was damp from a bath when we went out, so as soon as he got into the breeze his hair got all fluffy and funny looking! This kid needs a haircut!
 He loved going down the slides and didn't cry or get scared at all! We're proud of our big boy!
 He is learning how to pose already??
 Slide Surfing Sean!
Such rosy cheeks he has!

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