Feathers and X-Men and Froyo, Oh My!

- Shirt: Hot Topic (gift) - Jeans: Kohl's - Shoes: Soda via Ross 

- Earrings & Bracelet: Kohl's - Ring: Target - Watch: Fossil
On Saturday we had a blast! My mom babysat Sean and my sister's two girls so we could all go see X-Men: First Class. Our friend joined us and we loved the movie, but afterward I made them all sit through the credits to see the hidden scene...and there was none! (No Stan Lee cameo either!!) Tsk tsk, Marvel. The theater dudes who came in to clean up were laughing at us as we walked out. I'm pretty sure Chris and Rachel and Ryan and James wanted to strangle me for wasting their time! Nah, they were nice about it. Then we got some lunch at the food court: oh so delicious Chinese food, before running to another place to get dessert. I love frozen yogurt, and the place we go to lets you add all kinds of toppings. I kept it healthy despite being tempted by all sorts of candies and brownie pieces and other sorts of delectable morsals and stuck to fresh fruit (and some mochi) on top of my froyo.

After we reunited with the little lad, James tagged along to our house for a day of movies and relaxing in the living room. We watched I Am Number 4 (think of an alien Twilight) and Ip Man, and I made Mongolian beef for dinner.

As for my outfit, I'm back into my favorite Levi's! Yes!! The shirt was a gift from my sis-in-law and I hadn't been able to fit it well until now. I love the feathers and wore feather shaped earrings as well. The bracelet could be a feather or a leaf I suppose, but I'll go with feather for today's theme! Oh and my watch is a legit boyfriend Fossil watch. I bought it for Ryan when we were dating, but he doesn't wear it anymore so he said I could have it. Love it! Last comment: I hope someone appreciates my edits of the photo at the top! I flipped one of the pics and combined them to make one funky looking book stand in the center.

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