A Lovely Day

- Dress: Target - Belt: Gap
- Shoes: Isaac Mizrahi via Target
- Watch: Fossil
So obviously this is the same photo: black & white on top just to be artsy,
and this photo to show the true color of the dress. 
Today (Sunday) was great! Here's my facebook status about it: 
"Had a blessed day today, first church, then lunch at Mom's, then had a blast shopping with Mom using my early birthday monies, then trotted on home for a lovely visit with Ryan's Mom. Ryan's so sweet to take such 
good care of Sean while I'm traipsing about!"
Did I just quote myself? That's rather odd. I guess I'm just lazy.
Let me tell you, I feel like I really scored some good things today while shopping. We went to Kohl's. (My favorite if you haven't noticed by now.) And pretty much stayed at the 60% off sale racks. I got 3 shirts from there and a pair of white jeans, all great prices. One shirt was only 5 dollars!! Two more I found in other sections of the store, but still got good deals. Everything I got was summery and cute and I can't wait to put some outfits together! Also my Mom gave me a great black knee length skirt, and for once my hips don't look too big! Oh happy day!  

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