Week Six

New weight:


Down 3 pounds this week, and a total of 11 pounds since I started this blog! Wow! It's hard to believe that when I lose 5 more pounds I'll be in the 130's! I can't wait! I'm also basically back to my pre-baby weight, and am now working on the happily-married weight! (Hubby is down 2 pounds, for a total of 12 pounds!)

I've had to scale back the intensity during my Insanity work outs because I was experiencing a lot of foot and back pains. (Exercising barefoot probably wasn't the best idea) I'm still doing them I'm just not going all out like I was trying to do before. Also our apartment is on the second floor so I can't do the crazy jumps for fear of angering our downstairs neighbors!

I've been eating healthy long enough for it to be a habit now! It is much easier to not snack late in the evening, to only drink water, and to serve myself smaller portions now. However last night I was looking through Carlotta's food posts on her blog, pastor's girl's ponderings and she has some of the best looking pictures of chocolaty desserts ever (among other beautiful photography). I tell you looking at those pictures when you're trying to stay away from sugary goodness is hard! I think I can safely make some of the desserts once every few weeks and not see the scale suffer because of it though.


  1. I saw that you follow my blog- and so glad I came to visit yours! I'm starting Insanity very soon and I love reading about your great progress with it! :)

  2. Hi Jenny!! I'm glad you came to visit too! You're probably going to do better at Insanity than I am, I am STILL having to fall on the floor for a break every now and then, that stuff is HARD! Can't wait to see your journey start with it!!