Floral Fun

-Dress and Blouse: Kohl's - Sandals: Target - Purse: Nine West via Ross - Watch: Fossil
Took this picture of a lily and then edited it
Close up of my dress and purse
I forced the hubby (on Father's Day no less) to stop on the side of the road to take some outfit pictures.  Although this spot looks fairly secluded, it's actually in front of the house next to my in-law's property, and after only a few shots had been taken we spotted a car coming down the driveway. Naturally I hoisted up my purse and darted for our car. That is what you can see beginning to happen in the picture below. Yes, I'm a chicken! Anyway, as for the outfit, I tied an old top over and old dress and called it a day!


  1. Ha! I'm the same way. I have a bunch of pictures where I look like a gopher because I think I've heard a car.

    I like the teal blouse with the florals and hope you guys had a fun Father's Day.


  2. :) A very pretty gopher anyway! I love all your posts!

    We did have a good Father's Day! Hope you did too!