Picture Wall

I've seen some lovely picture walls on Pinterest (which I've just requested an invitation from) so I decided to do one in my living room. Before I just had the two larger pictures of the trees up and the other frames were stacked in my closet waiting for someone to pay attention to them. I was fairly pleased with how level and even I got them and for once I didn't have to make a million nail holes in the wall. I did this by putting a large piece of wrapping paper on my bed with the lined back facing up, and then organizing the frames how I wanted them on top of that. I outlined the perimeter of the frames with a pencil and then drew in where the nail holes would need to go. Next I taped the wrapping paper to the wall in the desired location, and hammered the nails in on top of that. Once I had placed the frames on and determined that everything was correct, I took them off again and took the paper off the wall. Then I just had to hang everything up again and this was the end result! Incidentally I got even more use out of that wrapping paper by letting Sean tear it all up afterwards. I think he played with it for about 30 minutes straight!

The other project I got done today was organizing my side of our walk in closet again. I tend to do this every few months and it's very therapeutic for me! I LOVE to organize! The other day I also cleaned up my book stand and it looks great now.  When I was pregnant I went into serious nesting mode and had every nook and cranny of our small apartment perfectly organized. While things haven't stayed that perfect once baby things have taken over, I still try to do my best to keep things looking nice. Unfortunately the little guy pulls off anything at his level so I had to remove all accessories from several low surfaces, such as our end table and entertainment center in the living room. Those pieces of furniture look pretty bare now, but maybe Sean will grow out of it soon!

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