Week Six

Turkey burger with Havarti cheese, romaine lettuce, onions and cherry tomatoes on an Oroweat sandwich thin
Corn, refried beans, onion, and cilantro salsa
Mixed veggie chips
Cranberry juice diluted with water
Herb crusted chicken breast
Mashed potatoes with gravy
Steamed green beans
New Weight:


So that's a weight loss of one pound this week. (12 since starting this blog) I knew I would see a smaller number this week due to last week's three pound weight loss, but I'm content with it! It's still progress in the right direction! My husband lost half a pound this week, which he was happy with because he thought he had gained! 

The above pictures are two meals I made this week for dinner, I included them to show a sample of what I'm cooking and eating. I'm trying to have my protein serving be about the size of a deck of cards and have veggies be the majority of the plate. I kind of failed on that in the first pic, since veggie chips don't really count! 

Challenges this week were eating something small and healthy every few hours, since there were a few days where I was busy out and about and didn't pack a snack. Consequently on those days I snacked later in the day, which I'm trying to avoid. Also a few days I really didn't have energy for Insanity. I did it anyway but was just going through the motions, not going full out at all.  Oh and here's a confession: yesterday I had a 90 calorie serving of sherbet after lunch, which is totally acceptable, but then I had a cookie at my mom's house, a handful of gum balls later in the day when I got home, and two-thirds of a serving of dark chocolate after dinner. I should have only had two of those small sweets in a day, not four!

Goals for this next week:
1. Make sure to get my healthy snack between lunch and dinner and don't eat late at night.
2. Put more effort into my Insanity work outs.
3. Eat more veggies at meal times and less starch.
4. Only eat 2 small sweets a day!!!! 
(Hardest for me since I have a major sweet tooth, not to mention it's my birthday on Monday and over the weekend I'll be having ice cream cake!)

Let's see how this next week will go! 

(Linking up to the beautiful Fashion Momma's Project Self and The Get Fit Challenge)


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for linking up and participating in Project Self, girl. You're doing great and I hope to stick with you through our journey to get healthy and fit!

    And I'm totally watering at the mouth now!

  2. I'm excited! 7 more pounds until I meet my goal, but I will continue with weekly updates even after I get there so that I will keep myself on track. Linking up keeps me motivated! You're doing great too!