Look at those blue eyes!
 I spy toothies!
 My dear hubby
 Nothing cuter than a baby in a bin!
Cutie Patootie
 The boys on Father's Day
Is this Sean's opinion of my excessive picture taking?
 Celebrating my birthday a day early
 I turned one? No! 25!
It was delicious! 
Second birthday celebration, this one on the real day.
Molasses cookie, two flavors of Ben & Jerry's ice cream topped with red hots, m&m's and gummy bears.

The last few days:
-Lunch with Ryan's side of the family on Sunday. Delicious brisket tacos, fresh plums,
sparkling cider and of course my ice cream cake. Presents also!
-Watched The Sword in the Sword with my sister-in-law Sunday evening while playing with Sean.
-Made Ryan's Father's Day dinner request: Mongolian beef with noodles. He and Steph loved it.
-At midnight received a beautiful birthday card from Ryan and my favorite candy at the moment. (Sweet and sour Twizzlers...so good!) He let me pick out some birthday presents for myself on an earlier occasion:
Owl bookends, a bracelet, and some clothes.
-Queen for the day on Monday (my birthday) courtesy of my dear husband!
-Went to see Super 8 with my Mom and enjoyed spending time with her and the movie was fun too.
-Pizza and ice cream with my sister and her family, my Mom, and Ryan and Sean, and more presents!
-Lots of laughs outside during my outfit picture time. (I really can't pose!!!)
-Story time inside with my sweet niece.
-Magical moments at the end of the day watching Ryan and Sean wrestle. Sean was in seventh heaven and I adore hearing his cute little giggles! 
My family made my birthday weekend very special! A big thank you to all of them! Love you guys!

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